Portable Fluorescence Biosensing System for Low-Cost, Quantitative, and Multiplexed Allergen Screening

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Chai-Gao, Hui
Shynkarenko, Yevhen
Demuru, Silvia
Hermann, Nicola
Boia, Patricia-Daiana
Cristofolini, Peter
Petkus, Bradley
Generelli, Silvia
Cattaneo, Stefano
Burr, Loïc
A miniaturized multi-array system is being developed for immune-signature testing. The presented system includes microfluidic chips functionalized with allergens for IgEs detection and a custom-made portable reader for fast (~1 s), quantitative, and sensitive (500 dye molecules/um2) detection, with a high spatial resolution (~50-100 um). The developed solution enables the rapid sensing of allergic reactions at the point of care with a low-cost portable device.
Publication Reference
mdpi Proceedings 2023, CONFERENCE TOPIC: Bio(medical) Sensors and Diagnostics, Presented at the Eurosensors XXXIV, Lecce, Italy, 10-13 September 2023
This research was funded by the European Commission, project HEDIMED, Grant number 874864.