Validation of compliant mechanisms made by metallic Additive Manufacturing

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Kiener, Lionel
Saudan, Hervé
Cosandier, Florent
Perruchoud, Gérald
Pejchal, Vaclav
Rouvinet, Julien
Boudoire, Florent
Kalentics, Nikola
Recent developments of compliant mechanisms built by additive manufacturing confirm their potential for highprecision applications in harsh environments. Several projects are presented, from simple flexure pivots to complex 3D compliant mechanisms designs, to show the advantages and challenges of the design, manufacturing and testing of such systems. Focus is put on the specific design methodology, the integration of electrical functions, the guiding and lifetime performance results to highlight the potential for future high-precision applications such as high-precision, cryogenic or space.
Publication Reference
Advances in Optical and Mechanical Technologies for Telescopes and Instrumentation V, R. Geyl, R. Navarro (Eds.), Montréal (Canada), pp. 30