Integrated Optics Inclinometers for SHM

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Inaudi, D.
Blin, R.
Timotijevic, B.
Bayat, D. Z.
 Pétremand, Y.
Luetzelschwab, M.
Niketic, N.
Inclinometers are used in a variety of monitoring applications in civil and geotechnical engineering. Together with strain, displacement and pressure, tilt is one of the most important indicators of structural health and performance. Inclinometers are also used to monitor subsurface movements and deformations. In this contribution we present the development, qualification and testing of a novel fiber optic inclinometer based on integrated optics microfabrication. The new device offers performances in line with the standard electrical tilt sensors, is small and light and is compatible with existing Fabry-Perot readout modules already used to measure other optical fiber sensors (e.g. strain, temperature, displacement and pressure sensors).
Publication Reference
International Conference on Smart Monitoring, Assessment and Rehabilitation of Civil Structures (SMAR 2019), Potsdam (DE), August 2019.