Development Challenges of Utilizing a Corner Cube Mechanism Design With Successful IASI Flight Heritage for the Infrared Sounder (IRS) on MTG; Recurrent Mechanical Design not Correlated to Recurrent Development

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Spanoudakis, Peter
Schwab, Philippe
Kiener, Lionel
Saudan, Hervé
Perruchoud, Gérald
The Corner Cube Mechanism (CCM) design for the Infra-Red Sounder (IRS) on MTG is based on the successful mechanism currently in orbit on the Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometers (IASI) on the Metop satellites. The overall CCM performance is described with attention given to the specific design developments for the MTG project. A description is presented of the modifications introduced and challenges encountered to adapt the IASI space heritage design (which is only 15 years old) to meet the MTG specifications. A detailed account is provided regarding the tests performed on the adapted components for the new programme. The major issues encountered and solutions proposed are illustrated concerning the voicecoil actuator development, optical switch design, fatigue life of the flexure components and the adaptation of the launch locking device. Nevertheless, an Engineering Qualification Model was rapidly manufactured and now undergoing a qualification test campaign.
Publication Reference
ESMATS, Bilbao (Spain), pp. 8