Split electrodes for electrical-conductivity-based tissue discrimination

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Yilmaz, Gurkan
Braun, Fabian
Adler, Andy
de Sousa, Antonio Moreira
Ferrario, Damien
Lemay, Mathieu
Chetelat, Olivier
This work presents a method to minimize the inadvertent cutting of tissues in surgeries involving bone drilling. We present electrical impedance measurements as an assistive technology to image-guided surgery to achieve online guidance. Proposed concept is to identify and localize the landmarks via impedance measurements and then use this information to superimpose the estimated drilling trajectory on the offline maps obtained by pre-operative imaging. To this end, we propose an asymmetric electrode geometry, split electrodes, capable of distinguishing impedance variations as a function of rotation angle. The feasibility of the proposed approach is verified with numerical analysis. A probe with stainless steel electrodes has been fabricated and tested with a technical phantom. Although the results are impacted by a non-ideality in the phantom, we could show that the variation of impedance as a function of rotation angle can be used to localize the regions with different impedivities.
Publication Reference
EMBC 2022, Glasgow, Scotland (UK)