Ultra-short pulse non-classical light emitters utilizing multiple wide quantum wells

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Torcheboeuf, Nicolas
Mitev, Valentin
Balet, Laurent
Renevey, Philippe
Krakowski, Michel
Resneau, Patrick
Larrue, Alexandre
Legoec, Jean-Pierre
Robert, Yannick
Vinet, Eric
We report a novel ultra-short pulse emitter utilizing transient charge carrier behavior and cooperative emission in multiple wide-quantum-well heterostructures. Its optical cavity reassembles a tandem-cavity laser diode with electroabsorber section surrounded by two gain sections. With selection of the electrical pump pulse and the absorber voltage, due to quantum-confined Stark effect in wide quantum well, it is possible to spatially pull the electrons and holes apart from each other. When the pump bias is removed, an ultra-short pulse due to cooperative recombination of electrons and holes emerges. We demonstrate that such cooperative superradiance produces non-classical high-order correlations in the emitted light while Wigner function of the state reveals quantum oscillations.
Publication Reference
CLEO 2022, San Jose, California (USA)