A 20 Channel EMG SoC with an Integrated 32b RISC Core for Real-Time Wireless Prosthetic Control

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Sole, M. P.
Badami, K.
Deng, J.
Mavrogordatos, T.
Azarkhish, E.
Zahnd, L.
Cosentino, C.
Augustyniak, M.
Zha, Y.
Bischof, A.
This work introduces a highly integrated and a power-efficient SoC with 20 EMG sensing channels, a 32b RISC core with a host of peripherals and a companion RF transceiver chip in the 55 nm CMOS technology to enable real-time Osseo-integrated prosthesis control and is aimed at recovery of hand function after amputation. The EMG processing channels include temperature compensated pseudo-resistors in highly programmable gain stages, a 4th order Chebyshev low-pass filter with enhanced linearity and 12b SAR ADC operating in the programmable range of 1.2MS/s to 125kS/s for multichannel EMG signal digitization. The digital back-end includes an EMG pre-processing accelerator and a 32b RISC processor that optimizes the power-consumption of the companion RF transceiver to improve the power-efficiency of the the prosthesis control system.
Publication Reference
ESSCIRC 2019 - IEEE 45th European Solid State Circuits Conference (ESSCIRC), pp. 73-76