Accurate walking and running speed estimation using wrist inertial data

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Bertschi, Mattia
Celka, Patrick
Delgado-Gonzalo, Ricard
Lemay, Mathieu
Muntané, Enric
Grossenbacher, Olivier
Renevey, Philippe
In this work, we present an accelerometry-based device for robust running speed estimation integrated into a watch-like device. The estimation is based on inertial data processing, which consists in applying a leg-and-arm dynamic motion model to 3D accelerometer signals. This motion model requires a calibration procedure that can be done either on a known distance or on a constant speed period. The protocol includes walking and running speeds between 1.8km/h and 19.8km/h. Preliminary results based on eleven subjects are characterized by unbiased estimations with 2nd and 3rd quartiles of the relative error dispersion in the interval ±5%. These results are comparable to accuracies obtained with classical foot pod devices.
Publication Reference
2015 37th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), Milan (Italy), pp. 8083-8086