Fabrication of Functional Plastic Parts Using Nanostructured Steel Mold Inserts

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Blondiaux, Nicolas
Pugin, Raphaël
Andreatta, Gaëlle
Tenchine, Lionel
Dessors, Stéphane
Chauvy, Pierre-François
Diserens, Matthieu
Vuillermoz, Philippe
We report on the fabrication of sub-micro and nanostructured steel mold inserts for the replication of nanostructured immunoassay biochips. Planar and microstructured stainless steel inserts were textured at the sub-micron and nanoscale by combining nanosphere lithography and electrochemical etching. This allowed the fabrication of structures with lateral dimensions of hundreds of nanometers and aspect ratios of up to 1:2. Nanostructured plastic parts were produced by means of hot embossing and injection molding. Surface nanostructuring was used to control wettability and increase the sensitivity of an immunoassay.
Publication Reference
Micromachines 2017, 8, 179