I-V Curve Simulation of Curved PV Modules for VIPV under Various Irradiation Conditions

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Fahradin, Mujovi
Jacques, Levrat
Antonin, Faes
Pierrick, Duvoisin
Sukanya, Prabhudesai
Gianluca, Cattaneo
Lioui, Jaques
Matthieu, Despeisse
Christophe, Ballif
Gilles, Arnoux
Vehicle Integrated Photovoltaics (VIPV) are raising the interest among PV technologies by trying to implement curved modules in Electrical Vehicles (EV). Curved modules can adapt to the complex aesthetics of EV and increase their effective autonomy. As these implementations are recent, no performance prediction tools nor measurement methods are firmly established yet even though they are necessary as curved modules, by design, will always be subjected to inhomogeneous irradiances. We introduce here the results of a simulation model that can predict the behavior of curved modules under various lighting conditions such as indoor illumination with different PASAN sun simulator configurations or typical outdoor conditions.
Publication Reference
PVinMotion, 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands