Development of a Sol-Gel Based Nanoporous Unsteady Pressure Sensitive Paint and Validation in the Large Transonic Onera S2MA Windtunnel

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Michou, Yanick.
Deleglise, Bruno.
Lebrun, Frederic.
Scolan, Emmanuel.
Grivel, Aurélie.
Steiger, Rolf.
Pugin, Raphaël.
Merienne, Marie-Claire.
Le Sant, Yves.
A new unsteady Pressure Sensitive Paint based on a nanostructured sol-gel coating has been developped and tested on a steel model of a civil aircraft in the ONERA's S2MA transonic windtunnel. Two inserts were fitted in the model wing and coated with a sol-gel based nanostructured silica PSP and functionalized by soaking in a Ru(dpp)3 solution. A third insert was prepared with anodised-aluminum PSP for comparison. The test conditions were M = 0.875, PiO = 100 kPa and 185 kPa. Pressure sensitivity of the nanoporous PSP is lower than that of the AA-PSP, however its luminescence intensity is about live times higher than that of the AA-PSP, resulting in a favorable compromise.
Publication Reference
31st AIAA Aerodynamic Measurement Technology and Ground Testing Conference, Dallas TX