Force and Torque Model of Ironless Passive Magnetic Bearing Structures

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Borque Gallego, Guzmán
Rossini, Leopoldo
Achtnich, Timon
Zwyssig, Christof
Martins Araujo, Douglas
Perriard, Yves
This article presents the development and validation of a three-dimensional force and torque semi-analytical model for ironless permanent magnet structures. This method relies on the de?nition of the magnetic ?ux density generated by permanent magnets in terms of elliptic integrals, allowing a fast computation when compared with ?nite element methods (FEM). The approach is validated and shown for two ironless passive magnetic bearing con?gurations by studying the applied force, torque and stiffness when small displacements and tilting are present.
Publication Reference
2019 IEEE International Electric Machines & Drives Conference (IEMDC), San Diego, CA (USA), pp. 507-514