Thin-film lithium niobate PICs: advancements and potential applications in telecom and beyond

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Sattari, Hamed
Despont, Michel
Prieto, Ivan
Dubois , Florian
Zarebidaki, Homa
Jacopo, Leo
Choong, G
Arefi, F
Orvietani, M
Della Torre, A
The emergent thin-film lithium niobate on insulator (TFLN or LNOI) photonic integrated circuits (PICs) offer significant advantages in various applications due to their unique properties. This paper briefly explores recent advancements in TFLN PIC developments and their broad applications, emphasizing transformative capabilities in telecommunications and beyond. We highlight CSEM's pioneering initiative in establishing the first open access foundry for this technology, addressing challenges associated with limited access to manufacturing facilities and process design kits (PDK).
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SPIE EU 2024
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020, GA No. 101016138; European Union Horizon under GA Nos. 101070506, 101070441 and 101070581. We acknowledge effort of CSEM’s cleanroom staff in conducting manufacturing of TFLN PICs.