Structural differences between Sb- and Nb-doped tin oxides and consequences for electrical conductivity

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Oakton, E.
Tillier, J.
Siddiqi, G.
Mickovic, Z.
Sereda, O.
Fedorov, A.
et al.
Sb- and Nb-doped tin oxides have been prepared by a co-precipitation method. Whilst X-ray powder diffraction and EDX mapping indicate similar dopant distributions, more detailed characterisation by variable high-temperature XRD, Sn-119 MAS NMR and Nb K-edge X-ray absorption near edge structure spectroscopy reveal clear differences in the oxide structures. This detailed structural information is used to validate the measured differences in electrical conductivity.
Publication Reference
New Journal of Chemistry, vol. 40 (3), pp. 2655-2660, 2016.