Effect of applied bias voltage on the static and dynamic characteristics of self-pulsating multi-section InGaN-based laser diode

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Sulmoni, Luca
Lamy, Jean-Michel
Carlin, Jean-François
Zeng, Xi
Boiko, Dmitri L.
Grandjean, Nicolas
InGaN-based laser diodes (LDs) are suitable for obtaining low-cost and compact short-pulse laser light sources in the blue-violet range exploiting either mode-locking or self-pulsating regimes. Typically these devices consist of a Fabry-Perot-type cavity with separate electrical p-contacts to define multiple sections: a short reverse-biased section that acts as a saturable absorber (SA) and a long forward-biased gain section. Recently we demonstrated 18 ps duration optical pulses under the self-pulsation regime on InGaN multi-section blue LDs at repetition rate of several GHz [1]. The development of this new kind of ultrafast sources would be of great interest for applications such as next generation large-capacity optical storage, ultraprecise nano-processing and biomedical imaging [2].
Publication Reference
ISLC 2012 International Semiconductor Laser Conference, San Diego, CA (USA), pp. 114-115