Controlling the Color of Plasmonic Substrates with Inkjet Printing

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Duempelmann, L.
Muller, J. A.
Lutolf, F.
Gallinet, B.
Ferrini, R.
Novotny, L.
This study introduces a versatile method for modifying the optical properties of plasmonic substrates by inkjet printing of commercially available, transparent inks with various refractive indices. The large-scale and cost-efficient process is demonstrated on tilted aluminum nanolamellas. They show vivid and bright colors based on a Fano resonance, which is highly susceptible to the surrounding material. Furthermore, color rendering can be made strongly angle-dependent and asymmetric, which is in contrast to the nonvariable color generation enabled by conventional inkjet printing.
Publication Reference
Advanced Optical Materials, vol. 5 (17), p. 5, Sep 2017.