Online Monitoring the Water Contaminations with Optical Biosensor

This work presents a demonstrator for online monitoring of pesticides or water contaminants which is robust, fast, specific and low cost. The system is designed for continuous monitoring in water matrices (source- and surface water, treated waste water), and is thus completed with an automated fluidics. The main characteristics of the system are: (a) Detection based on competitive immunoassay; (b) Label-free sensing with possibility of following the binding kinetics of the contaminants; (c) Modular sensing surfaces characteristics; (d) In-assay calibration/normalization; (e) Re-generable biochip >80 times; (f) Detection limit of the analyte, the pesticide atrazine, 0.05 µg/L; (g) Computational Bioanalytics; (h) Compensation of the interfering effects.
Publication Reference
Proceedings 2017, 1(4), 522