Mid-IR DIAL for high-resolution mapping of explosive precursors

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Mitev, Valentin
Babichenko, S.
Bennès, Jonathan
Borelli, Rodolfo
Dolfi-Bouteyre, A.
Fiorani, Luca
Hespel, Laurent
Huet, Thierry
Palucci, Antonio
Pistilli, Marco
A DIAL instrument on a moving platform is seen as a valuable remote sensing component in a sensor network for area monitoring, targeting sites involved in unauthorised explosive manufacturing. Such instrument will perform the area mapping of the vapour concentration of key substances, known to be used as precursors in explosive fabrication, such as acetone and nitromethane. The IR spectra of acetone and nitromethane vapours have been defined from available spectroscopy databases and from laboratory measurements as showing optimal spectral band for the DIAL operation in the spectral range of 3.0 μm - 3.5 μm. The DIAL operation has been numerically simulated, with inputs based on the HITRAN database, the U.S. Standard Atmosphere and aerosol simulation software package OPAC. A combination of OPO and OPA has been chosen as a transmitter, where the idler wavelength is used for probing, with wavelength tuning in sequence. A scanner mounted on top of the coaxially aligned laser and receiver, is capable of covering almost 360 degrees horizontally and ±30 degrees vertically. The detection is performed by a photovoltaic photodiode with 4-stage cooling, with a signal digitalisation having 14 bit amplitude resolution and 125 Ms/s sampling rate. Here we present the development and the first test of the DIAL instrument.
Publication Reference
Lidar Technologies, Techniques, and Measurements for Atmospheric Remote Sensing IX, Prague (CZ), pp. 88940S