Low temperature covalent wafer bonding for X-ray imaging detectors

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Razek, N.
Neves, J.
von Kanel, H.
Le Corre, P.
Ruedi, P. F.
Quaglia, R.
et al.
Low temperature wafer bonding of silicon to various materials is a key technology for all applications requiring a low temperature budget, such as monolithic CMOS integrated pixel detectors [1]. Here, we combine wet chemical etching of the native oxide from wafer surfaces with removal of the hydrogen passivation layer by a low-energy plasma prior to bonding in high vacuum (10 -8 mbar). The method is applicable to the bonding of a multitude of crystalline semiconductors, and for Si results in conductive interfaces similar to the ones of UHV-bonded defect-free surfaces [2].
Publication Reference
2019 6th International Workshop on Low Temperature Bonding for 3D Integration (LTB-3D), p. 30