A Multilevel Control Approach to Exploit Local Flexibility in Districts Evaluated under Real Conditions

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Carrillo, Rafael E
Peppas, Antonis
Stauffer, Yves
Politi, Chrysa
Gorecki, Tomasz
Alet, Pierre-Jean
The increasing penetration of renewable energy sources creates a challenge for the stability of current power systems due to their intermittent and stochastic nature. This paper presents the field results of an efficient demand response solution for controlling and adjusting the electric demand of buildings in an energy district through the activation of their thermal mass while respecting the occupants’ thermal comfort constraints. This multilevel control approach aims to support grid flexibility during peak times by constraining the energy exchange with the grid and increasing the self-consumption of the district. The results show a great potential for increasing the self-consumption up to 37% for offices, as well as improving the indoor environment, based on real data collected from a case study in Greece.
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