Tunable Extended-cavity Diode Laser Based on a Novel Flexure-mechanism

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Breguet, Jean-Marc
Henein, Simon
Kjelberg, Ivar
Gumy, Mathias
Glettig, Wayne
Lecomte, Steve
Boiko, Dmitri L.
Mitev, Valentin
This article presents the design, implementation and characterization of a Littman-Metcalf extended-cavity diode laser. The extended cavity is closed by a roof (retro-reflecting) prism. The wavelength tuning is based on a two degrees-of-freedom monolithic flexure-based mechanism. The linear stroke for cavity length tuning is minimized by optimizing the position of the prism's rotation axis. The wavelength tuning with narrowband emission line is demonstrated in the spectral range of 837 nm to 870 nm.
Publication Reference
International Journal of Optomechatronics, vol. 7 (3), pp. 181-192