A 1mm2 Software-Defined Dual Mode Bluetooth Transceiver With 10dBm Maximum TX Power and -98.2dBm Sensitivity 2.96mW RX Power at 1Mb/s

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Scolari, Nicola
Pengg, Franz Xavier
Manetakis, Konstantinos
Salazar, Camilo Andrés
Vouilloz, Alexandre
Pérez Serna, Ernesto
Dissanayake, Anjana
Persechini, Pascal
Kopta, Vladimir
Le Roux, Erwan
This paper presents an integrated 22nm FDSOI Bluetooth Classic and BLE dual mode transceiver achieving -98.2dBm sensitivity with 2.1mW analog and 0.85mW digital baseband power at 1Mb/s. Inspired from software defined radio approach, it demonstrates a 185dB RX figure of merit, a +10dBm TX output power, and 1mm2 silicon area with complete analog frontend and digital baseband integration. The state-of-art low power consumption is maintained while meeting both the BLE and BT-classic specifications.
Publication Reference
IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC)