Plenoptic Inspection System for Automatic Quality Control of MEMS and Microsystems

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Kirschmann, Moritz A.
Pierer, Jörg
Steinecker, Alexander
Schmid, Philipp
Erdmann, Arne
Optical quality control of MEMS and microsystems is challenging as these structures are micro-scale and three dimensional. Here we lay out different optical systems that can be used for 3D optical quality control in general and for such structures in particular. We further investigate one of these technologies – plenoptic cameras and characterize them for the described task, showing advantages and disadvantages. Key advantages are a huge increase in depth of field compared to conventional microscope camera systems allowing for fast acquisition of non-flat systems and secondly the resulting total focus images and depth maps. Finally we conclude that these advantages render plenoptic cameras a valuable technology for the application of quality control.
Publication Reference
S. Ratchev (Ed.): IPAS 2020, IFIP AICT 620, pp. 220–232, 2021