Superfluorescent 1.1 ps pulse-on-demand generation in InGaN laser

dc.contributor.authorBoiko, Dmitri L.
dc.contributor.authorZeng, Xi
dc.contributor.authorWeig, Thomas
dc.contributor.authorSchwarz, Ulrich T.
dc.contributor.authorSalmoni, Luca
dc.contributor.authorLamy, Jean-Michel
dc.contributor.authorGrandjean, Nicolas
dc.description.abstractA semiconductor laser diode producing ultra-short optical pulses in the blue-violet range will find numerous applications ranging from next-generation 3D optical data storage devices to bio-medical diagnostic methods. In this communication we report generation of solitary pulses of the width below 1.1 ps from a tandem-cavity InGaN/InGaN laser diodes operating in 415-425 nm wavelength range. Solitary pulses are produced in the pulse-on-demand mode within narrow transient region between amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) and Q-switched lasing (LAS). The pulses exhibit large jitter. This regime is achieved when high negative bias -20 V was applied to the central section of the device (saturable electroabsorber) while to end sections were pumped with 1 A current pulses.
dc.identifier.citation2013 Conference on Lasers Electro-Optics Europe International Quantum Electronics Conference CLEO EUROPE/IQEC, Munich (Germany), pp. 1-1
dc.titleSuperfluorescent 1.1 ps pulse-on-demand generation in InGaN laser
dc.typeProceedings Article