MADAM – Damped Flexures Based on Additive Manufacturing

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Salamin, Lisa
Saudan, Hervé
Cosandier, Florent
Kiener, Lionel
Klauser, Elias
Blondiaux, Nicolas
Boudoire, Florent
Kalentics, Nikola
Henein, Simon
Tissot-Daguette, Loïc
This project is part of the research on precision compliant mechanisms relying on additive manufacturing. It consists in designing, manufacturing and testing a novel type of flexures that integrates a damping action. Indeed, as compliant mechanisms are sensitive to vibrations and shocks, developing robust and reliable damping systems is of prime importance. The impressive damping performances observed during this project open opportunities in numerous domains such as space, watch making, robotics, metrology, or automotive. Beyond mechanism applications, this elementary damped flexure element could be tailored in terms of shape and size and used as a building block to develop new structural damper topologies.
Publication Reference
CSEM Scientific and Technical Report 2022, p. 67