Towards a Magnetically Clean Reaction Wheel with Active Magnetic Field Mitigation

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Nicolai, Anja
Stoltz, Stephan
Hillenmaier, O.
Ludwig, J.
Strauch, C.
Grivon, Daniel
Rossini, Leopoldo
Onillon, Emmanuel
Hellwig, T.
Scheiding, Sebastian
This paper describes the necessary steps and mitigation techniques to minimize the magnetic field of a reaction wheel. Stringent magnetic emission requirements resulted in the design of an active compensation system to counteract the changing wheel magnetic field. The motor emissions are measured for different operational modes and are modelled according to these measurements. The opposite field is then applied to the active compensation. The paper will discuss feasibility and challenges of the approach as well as other magnetic field mitigation strategies employed in the design. Findings from the Breadboard tests will be discussed and the magnetically clean design will be presented.
Publication Reference
2019 ESA Workshop on Aerospace EMC (Aerospace EMC), Budapest (Hungary), pp. 1-6