Frequency comb up- and down-conversion in synchronously driven χ(2) optical microresonators

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Herr, Simon J.
Brasch, Victor
Szabados, Jan
Obrzud, Ewelina
Jia, Yuechen
Lecomte, Steve
Buse, Karsten
Breunig, Ingo
Herr, Tobias
Optical frequency combs are key to optical precision measurements. While most frequency combs operate in the near-infrared (NIR) regime, many applications require combs at mid-infrared (MIR), visible (VIS), or even ultra-violet (UV) wavelengths. Frequency combs can be transferred to other wavelengths via nonlinear optical processes; however, this becomes exceedingly challenging for high-repetition-rate frequency combs. Here it is demonstrated that a synchronously driven high-Q microresonator with a second-order optical nonlinearity can efficiently convert high-repetition-rate NIR frequency combs to VIS, UV, and MIR wavelengths, providing new opportunities for microresonator and electro-optic combs in applications including molecular sensing, astronomy, and quantum optics.
Publication Reference
Optics Letters, vol. 43 (23), pp. 5745-5748