Ultra-low-noise 1 µm optical frequency comb

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Kundermann, Stefan
Portuondo-Campa, Erwin
Lecomte, Steve
A robust optical frequency comb is realised with an Origami-10 mode-locked femtosecond laser from Onefive GmbH generating a 100 MHz pulse train at a centre wavelength of 1047 nm. The carrier-envelope offset frequency has been stabilised to a record level contributing to relative fluctuations of the optical carrier frequency of 1.1 × 10?18 at 1 s and averaging down to the 10?22 level at 10 000 s. Cycle-slip free carrier-envelope offset frequency stabilisation has been routinely achieved over 10 h. Ultra-low relative intensity noise has been measured as well and makes such a system very attractive for demanding applications where low noise and high reliability are requested.
Publication Reference
Electronics Letters, vol. 50 (17), pp. 1231-1232