Multi Sensor, Accelerometer Based Nordic Skiing Analysis: Hardware Development, Testing and Preliminary Results

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Stauffer, Yves
Onillon, Emmanuel
Vetter, Rolf
As it was the case for walking and running, nordic skiing has received a great attention in terms of biomechanical analysis. Joint angles, feet and pole forces and muscle activity (by electromyography) have been measured. However, unlike running, nordic skiers have not yet any specific portable system to optimize their training and technique. For that reason investigations focusing on the usage of accelerometers were performed. This paper presents the research as well as the system, that will lead to such a portable device for nordic skiers (skating). Tri axial accelerometers were employed to measure ski, leg and torso accelerations. In addition, the subject was equipped with pole mounted with force sensors, a GPS and insole feet force sensors. It was concluded that the proposed accelerometer based system is well suited for extracting meaningful biomechanical data and could thus be employed the analysis nordic skiing technique.
Publication Reference
EMBEC 2011, Budapest (Hungary), pp. 818-821