Freeform Optics for Precise Non-uniform Illumination Patterns

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Fernandez, O.
Aderneuer, T.
Ferrini, R.
Freeform optical components, lacking symmetry constraints, have the potential to re-distribute light extremely precisely since their surface can be optimized for nearly all incident rays. This property has been exploited to create uniform illumination of non-symmetric shapes. However, freeform optical design can be exploited further to achieve off-axis, asymmetric and precisely non-uniform light distributions which are impossible with standard axially invariant components. Here we present several of such cases and discuss how freeform lenses help achieving such demanding targets. Furthermore, we also report on potential strategies to transform macroscopic freeform components into freeform microlens arrays, FMLAs, hence exploiting the high potential for the continuously increasing demands for device miniaturization and their compatibility with cost-effective large-area manufacturing.
Publication Reference
LED professional Symposium andExpo 2019, Bregenz (AU), September 2019, pp. 328-338.