MEMS scanner with 2D tilt, piston and focus motion

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Lani, S.
Bayat, D.
Petremand, Y.
Regamey, Y. J.
Onillon, E.
Pierer, J.
et al.
A MEMS scanner with a high level of motion freedom has been developed. It includes a 2D mechanical tilting capability of and/-15 degrees, a piston motion of 50 mu m and a focus/defocus control system of a 2mm diameter mirror. The tilt and piston motion is achieved with an electromagnetic actuation (moving magnet) and the focus control with a deformation of the reflective surface with pneumatic actuation. This required the fabrication of at least one channel on the compliant membrane and a closed cavity below the mirror surface and connected to an external pressure regulator (vacuum to several bars). The fabrication relies on 3 SOI wafers, 2 for forming the compliant membranes and the integrated channel, and 1 to form the cavity mirror. All wafers were then assembled by fusion bonding. Pneumatic actuation for focus control can be achieved from front or back side; function of packaging concept. A reflective coating can be added at the mirror surface depending of the application. The tilt and piston actuation is achieved by electromagnetic actuation for which a magnet is fixed on the moving part of the MEMS device. Finally the MEMS device is mounted on a ceramic PCB, containing the actuation micro-coils. Concept, fabrication, and testing of the devices will be presented. A case study for application in an endoscope with an integrated high power laser and a MEMS steering mechanism will be presented.
Publication Reference
in Moems and Miniaturized Systems Xvi. vol. 10116 (Issue), W. Piyawattanametha and Y. H. Park, Eds., ed Bellingham: Spie-Int Soc Optical Engineering, 2017.