Validation of a wrist monitor for accurate estimation of RR intervals during sleep

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Renevey, Philippe
Sola, Josep
Theurillat, Patrick
Bertschi, Mattia
Krauss, Jens
Andries, Daniela
Sartori, Claudio
While the incidence of sleep disorders is continuously increasing in western societies, there is a clear demand for technologies to asses sleep-related parameters in ambulatory scenarios. The present study introduces a novel concept of accurate sensor to measure RR intervals via the analysis of photo-plethysmographic signals recorded at the wrist. In a cohort of 26 subjects undergoing full night polysomnography, the wrist device provided RR interval estimates in agreement with RR intervals as measured from standard electrocardiographic time series. The study showed an overall agreement between both approaches of 0.05 ± 18 ms. The novel wrist sensor opens the door towards a new generation of comfortable and easy-to-use sleep monitors.
Publication Reference
2013 35th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), Osaka (Japan), pp. 5493-5496