Controlling mesopore size and processability of transparent enzyme-loaded silica films for biosensing applications

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Pérez-Anguiano, O.
Wenger, B.
Pugin, R.
Hofmann, H.
Scolan, E.
Silica-based nanoporous thin films including large mesopores are relevant as enzyme supports for applications in biosensing. The diffusion and immobilization of large biomolecules such as enzymes in such porous films require the presence of large mesopores. Creating such morphologies based on a bottom-up synthesis using colloidal templates is a challenge in view of the combination of desired material properties and the robustness of the casting process for the fabrication of thin films. Here a strategy to reproducibly synthesize transparent porous silica thin films with submicrometer thickness and homogeneously distributed porosity is presented
Publication Reference
ACS Appl Mater Interfaces. 2015 Feb 4;7(4):2960-71