A simple one-pot Adams method route to conductive high surface area IrO2-TiO2 materials

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Oakton, E.
Lebedev, D.
Fedorov, A.
Krumeich, F.
Tittier, J.
Sereda, O.
et al.
Iridium titanium oxide materials were prepared using a simple one-pot method by reacting inorganic metal precursors with sodium nitrate at 350 degrees C (Adams method). HAADF-STEM images and XRD studies indicate a mixture of small TiO2 and IrO2 particles, with a particle size of IrO2 independent of nominal composition. Electronic conductivity was found to increase sharply once a critical Ir content of 40 mol% was reached and a rationale for this phenomenon is provided by percolation theory.
Publication Reference
New Journal of Chemistry, vol. 40 (2), pp. 1834-1838, 2016.