A three device silicon based platform for micro-assembly and characterization.

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Cosandier, Florent
Barrot, François
Kruis, Johan
Voruz, Luc
Musy, Grégory
Droz, Serge
Giriens, Laurent
Glettig, Wayne
Dominé, Emmanuel
In order to improve the assembly process of microcomponents, three high precision mechanisms were developed. All of them were designed and fabricated at CSEM, through a silicon etching process (DRIE). The devices are an X-Y stage, a micro-gripper and a force sensor. The X-Y stage has ±500 ?m stroke on both axes and is driven by piezo-stick-slip-actuators. The micro-gripper has two jaws symmetrically driven by one actuator. The maximal opening of the jaws is 1.5 mm and each jaw has a stroke of 300 ?m. The force sensor is composed of four identical parts assembled in a square arrangement, each having a compliant translation mechanism coupled with a capacitive comb that returns an electrical signal corresponding to the force applied on the system. The stroke of the sensor is 200 ?m for a maximal force of 200 mN. The weight and the position of the center of gravity of an object can be measured.
Publication Reference
EUSPEN, Nottingham (UK), pp. 2