Detection of Mood Changes in Bipolar Patients though Monitoring of Physiological and Behavioral Signals

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Schleusing, Olaf
Renevey, Philippe
Bertschi, Mattia
Dasen, Stephan
Paradiso, Rita
In this paper we present a personal, costeffective, multi-parametric monitoring system based on a textile platform and portable sensing devices for the long term and short term acquisition of data from bipolar patients affected by mood disorders. The system allows the early indication and prevention of bipolar state relapse situations. The estimation of the bipolar mood state from several physiological and physical cues such as biochemical markers and voice analysis is described. These features, for this paper extracted from cyclothymic patients, are compared to a behavioral index generated by psychologists during consultations with the patients and reassure the potential of the proposed system.
Publication Reference
EMBEC 2011, Budapest (Hungary), pp. 1106-1109