VIVALDI: Steel Billet Tracking with Advanced Computer Vision

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Blanc, Sebastien
Pad, Pedram
Türetken, Engin
Cantale, Nicolas
Dia, Mohamad
Honzatko, David
Kündig, Clément
Dunbar, Andrea
Feldhaus, Stephan
Hauenstein, Gian
Our advanced computer vision system allows for the precise tracking of serial numbers on steel billets in challenging industrial settings. It combines cutting-edge hardware and machine learning, excelling in character recognition (99.8%) and localization while adapting to dynamic ambient lighting conditions (10^4). Moreover, it accurately measures crucial geometric parameters such as side sizes, bulging, and skewness. This multifaceted technology promises to elevate material tracking, quality assessment, and production optimization in the steel industry to unprecedented levels.
Publication Reference
AI and Optical Data Sciences V. SPIE. 2024, PC1290308