Closed-loop force control methods for linear flexible stages using voice-coil linear actuator

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Grivon, Daniel
Bischof, Lionel
Regamey, Yves-Julien
Onillon, Emmanuel
Saudan, Hervé
Rossini, Leopoldo
The proposed extended abstract describes strategies to control the contact force between a moving end effector and a highly dynamic environment with only partially known characteristics. The control strategies will be applied to two distinct applications in the field of biological sensing and machine tools, which are characterised by different force amplitudes (i.e. from mN to kN), control accuracy, and dynamic environment. For both strategies, the force is impaired through a linear voice-coil actuator with moving part guided with flexible blades that is operated in closed-loop force control fashion. Two distinct approaches for closed-loop control synthesis will be presented. The first method relies on classical LQR state-feedback with a force estimator. The second method is based on a frequency-domain design through the definition of ��∞ performance constraints of the closed-loop sensitivity function. Additionally, a practical bumpless position-to-force control switching will be presented.
Publication Reference
EUSPEN 2021, Copenhagen (DK)