HeartCycle: Advanced sensors for telehealth applications

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Luprano, Jean
de Carvalho, Paulo
Eilebrecht, Benjamin
Kortelainen, Juha
Muehlsteff, Jens
Sipila, Auli
Sola, Josep
Teichmann, Daniel
Ulbrich, Mark
Current treatment of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) – the most frequent cause of hospitalization for people over 65 – involves changes of diet and lifestyle, requiring in addition physical exercise to support these. Nowadays, patients receive sporadic feedback at doctor visits, or later on, when facing symptoms. The HeartCycle project aimed at providing 1) daily monitoring, 2) close follow up, 3) help on treatment routine and 4) decreasing non-compliance to treatment regimes. The present paper illustrates a new toolbox of advanced sensors developed within the HeartCycle project. Ongoing clinical studies support these developments.
Publication Reference
2013 35th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), Osaka (Japan), pp. 6984-6987