Wafer-scale replicated gratings for compressing ultrafast laser pulses at telecom wavelengths

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Lütolf, Fabian
Friebel, Florence
Kuznetsov, Ivan
Rudin, Benjamin
Emaury, Florian
Gallinet, Benjamin
Ferrini, Rolando
Basset, Guillaume
Resan, Bojan
Wafer-scale, nanoimprint lithography-based approaches for manufacturing of high-efficiency transmission gratings at telecom wavelengths are reported. Two microns-deep, binary gratings are thereby fabricated and combined with a subwavelength, antireflective structure to achieve a cost-efficient and reliable manufacturing process. Diffraction efficiencies of 92% are experimentally achieved in the Littrow configuration. These gratings are used to compress 8 picosecond pulses with 1W of average output power at central wavelength of 1555nm to pulse duration of 378 femtoseconds
Publication Reference
Optics Continuum, 1(5), 1051-1059
Swiss Nanoscience Institute (Nanoargovia grant 14.19).