Diagnostic Performance Of An Unsupervised Electronic Stethoscope For Community-Acquired Childhood Pneumonia In A Paediatric Emergency Department: A Feasibility Case-Control Study

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Mohamed-Rida, B.
Starkov, Pierre
Manzano, Sergio
Hugon, Florence
Solà, Josep
Gervaix, Alain
With 1 million deaths, pneumonia is the leading cause of child mortality under five years of age worldwide. World Health Organization (WHO) developed a case management algorithm for the diagnosis of pneumonia. We primary aimed to characterise auscultation sounds by a digital stethoscope in acute lower respiratory infection and to develop an integrated algorithm to precise if these physiopathological patterns could be differentiated from normal clinical auscultation. We also compared automated lung sounds analysis with current WHO algorithm for consolidated bacterial pneumonia.
Publication Reference
Joint Annual Meeting Swiss Society of Paediatrics, Swiss Society of Paediatric Surgery and Swiss Society of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Lausanne (Switzerland), Lausanne (Switzerland), pp. 2 S