Passive mode-locking in the cavity of monolithic GaN-based multi-section laser diodes

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Weig, Thomas
Schwarz, Ulrich T.
Sulmoni, Luca
Lamy, Jean-Michel
Carlin, Jean-François
Grandjean, Nicolas
Boiko, Dmitri L.
We demonstrate picosecond pulse generation in the blue-violet wavelength region by passive intra-cavity mode-locking in GaN-based ridge waveguide laser diodes with monolithically integrated absorbers. For cavity lengths of 1.2 and 0.6 mm we observe repetition frequencies of 40 and 90 GHz, and pulse lengths of 7 and 4 ps, respectively. The results are explained by an extremely short, tunneling dominated carrier life time in the saturable absorber at high negative bias. The fast depletion of the charge carriers in the absorber is investigated by bias-dependent life-time measurements in the absorber.
Publication Reference
Novel In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers XII, San Francisco, California (United States), pp. 86400H