Digital OPLL-based distributed Brillouin sensing system in optical fibers

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Chin, Sanghoon
Denis, Séverine
Kundermann, Stefan
Brasch, Victor
Lecomte, Steve
A digital optical phase-locked loop (OPLL) has been implemented to develop a distributed Brillouin sensing system in optical fibers. In our experiment, two commercial semiconductor lasers are phase-locked to each other with a highly flexible offset frequency using field programmable gate array (FPGA)-based electronics. Then, the difference frequency between the two lasers is highly stabilized and scanned by a desired step frequency in the vicinity of the Brillouin frequency of standard single-mode optical fibers. Consequently, the distribution of Brillouin frequency shift over a 50 km-long sensing fiber has been successfully measured by a very simple and low-cost Brillouin optical time-domain reflectometry (BOTDR) sensing system without any penalty in the sensing performance. The measurement repeatability at 50 km position of sensing fiber with a 5 m spatial resolution was measured be 4.5MHz under fast measurement conditions: the number of trace averaging of 2000 and the frequency scan step of 12.8 MHz, showing the figure-of-merit of 3.0.
Publication Reference
Optics Express, vol. 30 (11), pp. 18090-18097
Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique S.A. CSEM