Optical monitoring of breathing disorders and sleep phases at the wrist

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Renevey, Philippe
Braun, Fabian
Van Zaen, Jérôme
Lemkaddem, Alia
Lemay, Mathieu
De Jaegere, Kurt
Horvath, Christian M.
Roth Wälti, Corinne
Brill, Anne-Kathrin
Ott, Sebastian R.
Sleep quality is a valuable indicator of human health since various pathologies can disturb the normal sleep pattern. Today, the gold-standard measurement for sleep analysis is polysomnography. It provides a full picture of numerous physiological signals during the night, it is neither suitable for long-term nor for ambulatory sleep monitoring [1]. In contrast, wrist-based optical devices offer an unobtrusive opportunity to measure cardiac activity and extract information related to the autonomic nervous system during several consecutive nights. This allows to further assess breathing disorders and segment a full night into sleep phases [2].
Publication Reference
ASMT'19, Ascona (Switzerland), pp. 56