Compact micropulse backscatter Lidar: Airborne and ground-based applications

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Mitev, Valentin
Matthey, Renaud
Makarov, Vladislav
This is an overview of the development and the applications of compact elastic backscatter depolarisation lidars. Two of such sensors are installed on-board the high-altitude research aircraft Myasishchev M-55 Geophysica. The installation of the lidars is intended for simultaneous probing of air parcels respectively upward and downward from the aircraft flight altitude to identify the presence of clouds (or aerosol) above and below the aircraft and to collocate them with in situ instruments. The lidar configuration and the procedure for its on-ground validation is outlined. Example of airborne measurements include polar stratospheric clouds, both synoptic and in lee-waves, ultra-thin cirrus clouds around the tropical tropopause and observation of aerosol layers emerging from the top of deep tropical convection. One unit is realized for groundbased application and is extensively used in campaigns and routine measurements of the MLH variation and aerosol backscatter in the lower troposphere.
Publication Reference
19th International Conference and School on Quantum Electronics "Laser Physics and Applications" - ICSQE 2016, T. Dreischuh, S. Gateva, A. Daskalova, A. Serafetinides (Eds.), Sozopol (Bulgaria), pp. 102260U