Standalone dry electrode-sensors for multilead ECG monitoring in mobile patients

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Chetelat, Olivier
Schmid, Ramun
Grossenbacher, Olivier
Rapin, Michael
Porchet, Jacques-Andre
Meier, Christophe
Abacherli, Roger
Nowadays, standalone dry electrode-sensors allow for acquiring ECGs with a signal quality similar to those of standard ECG recorders. Moreover, standalone electrodesensors are much easier to connect than the usual electrodes and do not require a specific electronic box for the recorder (the measured biopotentials are recorded directly in the electrode-sensors). This results in very high overall integration, and increased comfort and reliability. The main innovation presented in this paper is the circuit and mechanism (patent pending) allowing perfect synchronization of all the attached standalone electrode-sensors.
Publication Reference
2014 8th Conference of the European Study Group on Cardiovascular Oscillations (ESGCO), Trento (Italy), pp. 27-28