The EXPERIENCE Project: Unveiling Extended-Personal Reality through Automated VR Environments and Explainable Artificial Intelligence

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Valenza, Gaetano
Alcaiz, Mariano
Alfeo, Antonio Luca
Bianchi, Matteo
Carli, Vladimir
Catrambone, Vincenzo
Cimino, Mario C. G. A
Dudnik, Gabriela
Duggento, Andrea
Ferrante, Matteo
Virtual reality (VR) technology offers immersive experiences, but its widespread adoption is hindered by technical barriers and a lack of consideration for users’ physiological changes. This paper provides an overview of the EXPERIENCE system, which addresses these challenges by enabling individuals to create VR environments using portable devices without technical expertise. The project introduces Extended-Personal Reality (EPR), capturing users’ subjective experiences through physiological responses, psychological descriptors, and behavioral outcomes. The comprehensive EPR environment allows for personalized exchanges of psychological and emotional responses. The integration of explainable AI, multisensory biofeedback, and individualized perceptions of time and space enables dynamic calibration and manipulation of the VR environment. The project focuses on minimizing psychological distance, particularly in temporal and spatial perception, to enhance user experiences. The EXPERIENCE technology holds significant potential in the healthcare of mood disorders, as well as gaming, e-learning, and neuroeconomics, offering a user-friendly platform for personalized virtual experiences and potentially creating a new market for unique virtual worlds tailored to individuals’ psychological and emotional states.
Publication Reference
2023 IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON Metrology for eXtended Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Neural Engineering, Milano (IT)